Dr. Michael Hamilton, Psy.D.
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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Michael W. Hamilton has spoken to a number and variety of audiences as a key speaker and or as a co-speaker alongside other professional communicators and experts in their field. There has always been a request for a return visit with positive reviews.

The following are a few topics which have been provided for discussions by Dr. Hamilton:

Coping with Debilitating Diseases - How to live with a debilitating disease and how to live with someone who is inflicted with a debilitating disease as the significant other or relative.

Stress Management - Identify ways to control and manage daily stress related to work, family or life changes.

Training the Trainer - Develop training skills, plans and new ideas to improve the quality of your employees or business

Effective Communication - Improve, develop and enhance your communication skills by getting better control over your own thoughts feeling and behavior

Interoffice Relationships - Create a healthier, functional and more peaceful environment within your business or organization with your employees and supervisors.

Time Management - Be more efficient with time and resources. Get more accomplished in less time.

Health Psychology - Understand the relationship between the discipline of psychology and the promotion and maintenance of health, the etiology, prevention and treatment of illness and diagnostic correlates of health.

... and various other topics

Dr. Michael W. Hamilton's background in psychology, mental health, law enforcement and training corporate middle and upper management provides diversity to his clients. His military officer training along with 12 years of United States military service, is clearly recognized in his confidence and demeanor and are valuable assets as a model for conference attendees to follow, for his clients in the therapeutic arena and in the courtroom.

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