Dr. Michael Hamilton, Psy.D.
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Practice Areas

Psychotherapeutic Services

Psychotherapeutic services involve assessing and treating clients individually, or as a couple, or as a family. Assessment and evaluation of clients' needs is essential, and Dr. Hamilton works closely with psychiatrists, psychologists, other medical doctors, schools and other agencies to determine how to best treat and care for his clients.

Individual, Family and Couples Therapy

Dr. Michael W. Hamilton works with individuals, families and couples to help those overcome struggles and challenges. Having been on staff acquiring several years of experience at Charter Hospital and with the Department of Juvenile Justice, Dr. Hamilton has a keen knack to work with adolescents and parents. His comprehensive evaluative and management approach help others move through thorny times and manage symptoms and suffering. Examples include, confronting family members about abusing legal and illegal drugs and alcohol, establishing behavioral contracts, uniting parents to help them deal with difficult teens, and working with family members on how to cope with chronic mental and physical disease within the family. A sub-specialty of Dr. Hamilton is helping families resolve divorce, visitation and custody issues. Treatment sessions include weekly confidential appointments with Dr. Hamilton for one hour in his office. He is especially experienced in working with divorced couples develop a healthy relationship with each other where the focus is on the children's best interest.


By conducting an interview and utilizing some testing in which Dr. Hamilton is experienced, qualified, receives ongoing updated training, and permitted to use, Dr. Michael W. Hamilton is able to more definitively determine diagnosis, pathology, personality structure, treatment planning and prognosis. Such evaluations help clear up misconceptions about diagnosis, and guide the direction for the most beneficial and symptom-relieving interventions. Evaluations offer direction and guidance on the best and most effective way to help understand one's individual mental health make-up, strengths and weaknesses, and overall functioning.

Forensic Services

As a Diplomat in Clinical Forensic Counseling, Dr. Michael W. Hamilton provides services that will involve assessing and treating individuals whose behaviors or circumstances have lead them into involvement with the legal system. By working with attorneys and court, jails and treatment facilities, and adult and juvenile probation Dr. Hamilton helps these agencies and authorities make clear decisions by explaining the mental health issues and how it interfaces with the legal issues at hand.

For the past eighteen years Dr. Michael W. Hamilton has worked with defendants prior and post sentencing and conviction of an offence to help consider what might be some of the best options available as a result of their offence and in relation to their unique mental health state. Often the issues are related to some drug and alcohol offense, violent act or a series of poor choices made by the offender. Dr. Hamilton works closely with private and public defense attorneys, family court services, the District Attorney's Office and Adult and Juvenile Probation officers.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Dr. Michael W. Hamilton has many years of experience working with drug and alcohol-related offenses. He will evaluate and or treat clients if necessary which is usually helpful for and appreciated by the court to help in their sentencing. Examples of charges include Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of drugs and/or alcohol or possessionof, or sales of drugs. If appropriate, Dr. Hamilton can offer an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program where clients are treated on a minimum of 1-2 times a week, assess if family intervention is appropriate, assess if outside recovery meetings are necessary and participate in random drug testing.

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