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About IQ Testing

IQ Testing for Children and Adults

There are a slew of intelligence tests which exist for children and adults. These range from a 20-minute test that you can administer at home to two- hour tests done by one who is licensed, qualified and skilled to administer. These tests are particularly useful for parents, educators, neurologists, mental health professionals and the legal system when evaluating for competency. Anyone interested in the educational and intellectual development and status of a child or adult will find that IQ testing can provide a clear grasp of one's learning and academic strengths and areas that can use improvement. Intelligence tests don't only measure how intelligent one is, but where one's intellectual strengths and weaknesses lie in areas such as abstract reasoning, language or problem solving. This knowledge can help pinpoint which activities may help an individual enhance their strengths and compensate for areas of struggle

If you have an interest in assessing your IQ, Dr. Hamilton is trained and qualified in administering the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales, a comprehensive, cost-effective reliable instrument that gives clinicians the information they need to make decisions about classification, selection, and educational placement.

The Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales (RIAS) is the shortest full-intelligence test, taking only about 35 minutes to administer. The RIAS is divided into four sections: verbal intelligence index (VIX), a nonverbal intelligence index (NIX), a composite intelligence index (CIX) and a composite memory index (CMX). It can be administered to children age 3 to adults age 94. In this test, the subsets work together to create an overall score. The verbal and nonverbal sections test one's knowledge of vocabulary as well as understanding of language to problem solve. Concurrently, the CIX and CMX test one's ability to not only create scenarios but to remember facts, concepts and pieces of information that are subsequently used to solve problems. The RIAS provides a thorough assessment of the client's current level of intellectual functioning and also allows the examiner to evaluate the relationship between the client's memory and cognitive skills.

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